#9175 US - Environmentally Sealed RG6/59 male compression F connectors, BNC and RCA Jacks

Product FeaturesDescriptionInstructions
  • A universal tool for RG6/59 male drop compression connectors produced by Thomas&Betts, Gilbert, PPC, ICM/Digicon/F-Conn (RG6/59 only) and others.
  • Also used for PPC BNC and RCA Jacks.
  • A movable yoke allows quick change over from drop connectors to BNC or RCA jacks.
  • Handle and body grips are molded from fiber glass filled poly carbonate making the tool durable and light weight.
  • Toggle action assures complete connector sealing, eliminating the need for a complicated ratchet mechanism.
  • High mechanical advantage reduces compression force during installation. Ergonomic design minimizes user fatigue.
  • Handle design allows easy access when terminating in a M.D.U. enclosure or dealing with a short stub-in.
  • Tools conservatively rated for 25,000 cycles in high load connectors.
  • Use Part No. 8800 US for PCT "DRS" RG6/59 connectors
  • Use Part No. 8820 US or 9035 US for PCT "TRS" RG6/59 connectors
Item # 9175 US
Die Only Tool does not have interchangeable dies
Item Application T&B/SNS F, Gilbert/UltraEase™ F,PPC/EXXL, Arris Digicon-S™ F, PPC EXBNC, RCA, CMPBNC, F-Conn DS, FSU
Connector/Terminal Type "F", BNC, RCA Compression
Cable/Crimp Type Coaxial - Compression
Crimp/HEX/Wire Sizes RG6/59
Product Length 8 inches / 20.3 cm
Product Weight 4 oz / 113 grams
Comcast CIFA # 65207