Short Run Production

In order to accommodate a wide range of customer needs, Elm City Tools (formerly Oetiker Tool Corp.) has developed the ability to perform short production runs. To supplement and support our engineering services, we have designated machinery specifically for the production of smaller quantities of products outside the factory's normal course of operation.

Benefits of Sargent's Short-Run Production Service
  • Avoids schedule conflicts with mass-produced items
  • Avoids bottlenecks in production
  • Minimizes the lead times often associated with small-quantity special orders
  • No-charge prototyping
  • Allows clients to effectively roll out new products and test-market samples without delay
  • Clients can avoid incurring sizable inventories solely to offset the cost of new product production

Sargent's short-run production capabilities are a key contributing factor supporting the continual success of our engineering and product development services. Contact us to discuss your short-run production needs today »