#1020 CT - Multi Function Electrical Crimper, Stripper, Wire & Bold Cutter

Product FeaturesDescription
  • Designed and assembled in the USA of US and imported parts
    • Crimps conductor portion of insulated terminals and splices.
    • Crimps are produced in two color cavities.
    • Crimps RED AWG 22-16 AWG and BLUE 16-14 AWG in the front cavity.
    • Crimps YELLOW 12-10 AWG in the rear cavity.
    • Crimps non-insulated terminals and splices.
    • Crimps are produced in one cavity 22-10 AWG with an indentor type crimp.
    • Cuts five different machine screw sizes 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, and 10-32.
    • Screw Pockets are countersunk and threaded to provide easy entry. CUtter is conveniently located near the pivot to provide a clean shear with no distortion of screw threads.
    • Crimps automotive ignition terminals 7-8mm size in one cavity.
    • Crimps are "F" type.
    • The precision ground scissor type wire stripper provides a clean nick free strip on wire ranges 8 AWG solid through 22 AWG stranded.
    • Strip cavities are stamped with wire sizes accommodated in solid or stranded categories.
    • Two precision ground cutters are provided.
    • The nose cutter is an anvil type which is conveniently located up front for close cutting.
    • The scissor type cutter is located behind the pivot for an efficient cut/strip operation prior to terminations.
    • This cutter minimizes distortion when cutting stranded wire.
Item # 1020 CT
Item Application Insulated / Non-Insulated / Bolt Cutter / Stripper / Cutter
Connector/Terminal Type Multi purpose
Crimp/HEX/Wire Sizes Red 22-16 AWG, Blue 16-14 AWG, Yellow 12-10 AWG
Strip Type/Dimensions Solid and Stranded 22-8 AWG
Product Length 8 inches / 20.3 cm
Product Weight 10 oz / .28 kgs