#4241 CT - Crimp Tool For Insulated Slide-on Terminals

Product Features
  • Crimps conductor and strain portions of insulated slide-on terminals in a single action.
  • Crimps are produced in two cavities: Red 22-16 AWG and Blue 16-14 AWG.
  • A multi-purpose frame manufactured to exacting specifications to accept interchangeable dies
  • Molded grips and an easy reach frame to minimize user fatigue
  • Reamed bearing holes, centerless ground pivots and heat treated working components
  • Positive ratcheting assembly with emergency release
  • Conservatively rated tool life of 50,000 cycles
  • Crimps that meet or exceed U.L. tensile requirements

Die set configuration:


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Item # 4241 CT
DIE SET ONLY 4100-41
ITEM APPLICATION Insulated Slide-On Terminals
CABLE/CRIMP TYPE Insulator and conductor
PRODUCT LENGTH 10.5 inches / 26.7 cm
PRODUCT WEIGHT 1 lb 8 oz. / .68 kgs