#8145 MT - Multi- Tasker

Product FeaturesDescription
  • Includes three cartridges, one for RG6/59, one for RG7/11 and one for UTP
  • Three tools in one
  • Two forward cartridges are ready to use, third cartridge is loaded into spare cavity and avaliable for insertion into one of the active cavities
  • RG6/59 and RG7/11 molded-in nests for safe cable insertion and foam core insulator depth control.
  • Large finger loop for easy tool rotation during use
  • Cartridges snap in from either side and allow customization for right-handed or left-handed users
  • Made in USA 

Item # 8145 MT
Replacement Cartridges 8700-00 (RG6/59); 8700-10 (RG7/11); 8700-30 (UTP)
Tool Application RG6/59, RG7/11 & UTP Cable Preparation
Tool Length 6 Inches
Comcast CIFA # 66420