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#3131 CT - MULTIMATE (AMP 90277)

Product FeaturesDescription
  • The conductor and insulation crimps conform to O.E.M. specifications and are produced in one tool closure.
  • Conductor crimps are "B" type, insulation crimps are "Oval" and are produced in three cavities: 28-24 AWG, 24-20 AWG, and 18-16 AWG.
  • A locator and wire stop are provided to orient the pin or socket terminals during crimping.



Item # 3131CT
Item Application Circular Multi-Mate connector pin & socket terminals Ref: AMP 90277
Connector/Terminal Type Circular Multi-Mate connector pin & socket terminals
Cable/Crimp Type Conductor crimp -"B" type, Insulation crimp -"Oval" type, 3 cavities
Crimp/HEX/Wire Sizes 28-16 AWG
Strip Type/Dimensions Ref: AMP 90277
Product Length 9 inches / 22.86 cm
Product Weight 15 ounces / .42 kgs