#9010 US - RG6/59 & RG7/11 PPC EX Series Compression Tool

Product FeaturesDescription
  • A movable yoke allows quick change over from RG6/59 to RG11/7 connectors.
  • A toggle action to assure complete connector sealing, thus eliminating the nbeed for a complicated ratchet mechanism.
  • High mechanical advantage to reduce compression force during connector installation. Ergonomic design minimizes user fatigue and promotes high levels of productivity.
  • Handle design allows easy access when terminating in a M.D.U. enclosure or dealing with a short stub-in.
  • The natural grasp of the tool allows the spring activated handle to open the actuation chamber for easy connector insertion. All metal parts are high carbon steel heat treated for longevity of operation.
  • No exposed retaining rings to catch on objects causing the tool to dis-assemble.
  • Handle grips are molded from Hytrel making the tool durable and highly visible.
  • Tools conservatively rated for 25,000 cycles in high load connectors and easily field refurbished.
  • Use Part No. 9000 US or 9030 US for PPC XL Series RG6/59 & RG11 connectors.
Item # 9010 US
Item Application PPC/EX Series Compression Connectors
Connector/Terminal Type PPC EX59, EX6, EX7, EX11
Cable/Crimp Type Coax CATV / Compression
Crimp/HEX/Wire Sizes RG6/59 & RG11/7
Product Length 8.5 inches
Product Weight 0.9 lbs.
Comcast CIFA # 17595