#8400 - TELE-STRIP

Product FeaturesDescriptionInstructions
  • Long life cutting blades for all stripping and slitting functions.
  • Strip and slit lengths may be varied to accomodate different connector requirements.
  • The user friendly tool is molded from highly visible, durable Delrin.
  • A recessed cutting surface slits long runs of twisted pair cable.
  • A stripping feature with multiple nest cavities allows the removal of a wide variety of jacket materials on twisted pair cable. Disengage tension loop for thin jacketed cable.
  • Opposing cutting surfaces with penetration stops strip flat telecommunication cable.
Item # 8400
Item Application 8400 TELE-STRIP
Crimp/HEX/Wire Sizes: Flat cable, CAT5, Twisted Pair
Strip Type/Dimensions Strip lengths can be varied