#2151 CT - Coax Crimp Tool RG58/RG59

Product Features
  • Crimps center pin to .068” hex, RG58 ferrule to .213” hex and R59 ferrule to .255” hex.
  • Molded grips and an easy reach frame minimize user fatigue.
  • Compact lightweight design.
  • Cyclic life conservatively rated for 50,000 cycles.
  • Interlocking die sets are easily interchanged with mounting screws on most applications
  • Fine blanked high carbon steel construction provides for longevity and maintained accuracy.

Jaws Configuration


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Item # 2151 CT
Die Only #2100-51
cable/crimp type RG58/RG59
Tool Length 7.5 inches / 19.05 cm
Tool Weight 15 oz. / .42 kgs