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Oetiker Tool Corporation dba. Elm City Tools, the manufacturer of Sargent and Oetiker branded tools, is a US-based company that specializes in designing and manufacturing rugged innovative hand tools for the Electrical, Datacom, Automotive, Industrial, and Plumbing industries since 1870. Elm City Tools is a proud member of the Oetiker Group.

Our extensive offering of Sargent and Oetiker branded tools continually evolves to meet the changing demands of the markets we serve and our customers’ requirements.  The ongoing investment in and application of state-of-the-art technology in our R&D and manufacturing processes ensures tools are designed to provide the highest level of quality and performance, eliminate wasted time and risk associated with reworks and inferior connection installations, leading to peace of mind resulting from using respected products that stand the test of time. Click here for more details about the history of Sargent Quality Tools.

Our Mission

  • To provide our customers with unmatched value-added products and services.
  • To design, develop, and manufacture products striving to surpass our competitors in quality, innovation, and value. 
  • To continuously seek to improve and renew our products, services, and processes to match or exceed customer/market expectations.
  • To sustain a productive energized workforce that proudly contributes to adding value to our customer relationships, improve performance and ensure a safe work environment.
  • Every action we take as business leaders has a ripple effect, our goal is to make a positive impact on the environment and to the broader global community.

Our team at Elm City Tools works closely with carefully selected suppliers of components and services possessing like values that contribute to our goals and objectives for consistent quality and timely delivery of Sargent and Oetiker branded tools.  In addition, every aspect of our operations adopts a zero-defect mentality that results in superior value and tool performance you can count on now and in the future.  

We hope you find this website helpful in determining the right tool for your application.  As a manufacturer, our products are available from and sold through various Distribution channels.  If you require assistance or have any questions about our products, please contact us.