#8643 QS - Quad-Stripper > RG6/59 Stripper & Cutter

Product Features
  • Strips RG6/59
  • Cuts RG6/59 jacket and core to expose center conductor for cable fishing
  • Four cartridge cavities for the ultimate in customization possibilities
  • Cuts RG6 quad cable foil for easy peeling
  • Folds back braid and burnishes dielectric core
  • CATV connector nest for safe, reliable and easy cable end insertion.
  • Optional cartridges strip RG7/11, UTP and Mini Coax; cut CAT 5
  • Spring maintains precise cutting and stripping tension
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Item # 8643 QS
Includes: Three RG6/59 stripper cartridges #8700-00 Black; One RG6/59 cutter cartridge #8700-25 Orange
Made in USA