#1026 CT - Open Barrel Contact Five Cavity Crimp Tool

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  • Crimps a wide variety of open barrel contacts, including D-subminiature in small size wire ranges.
  • Crimps conductor and insulation portion of contacts in separate cavities. Tool must be closed twice to complete termination.
  • "Oval" type insulation crimps are produced in two cavities: A 20-16 AWG and B 30-22 AWG.
  • "B" type conductor crimps are produce in three cavities: C 18-16 AWG, D 22-20 AWG and E 30-24 AWG.
  • Covers most sealed Weatherpack terminals
  • Made in USA



Item # 1026 CT
Item Application Variety of open barrel contacts, including Weatherpack, D-sub in small size wire ranges
Connector/Terminal Type Open Barrel, D-Sub
Cable/Crimp Type "B" type conductor crimps, "oval" type insulation crimps
Crimp/HEX/Wire Sizes 30-16 AWG
Product Length 8 inches / 20.3 cm
Product Weight 10 oz / .28 kgs