#3330 TRK - Terminal Repair Kit with Five Crimp Tools & Terminal Repair Instruction Manual

Product FeaturesDescription
Kit includes:
  • Crimp Tools for Weather Pack, Metri-Pack, Micro-Pack, and more
  • 3301 WPCT  Crimp Tool for Weather Pack Terminals 14-20 AWG 
  • 3302 WPCT  Crimp Tool for Weather Pack Terminals 10-12 AWG 
  • 3303 64 CT   Crimp Tool for Metri-Pack Packard Style .64mm Contacts 
  • 3305 MPCT  Crimp Tool for Metri-Pack, Micro-Pack & GT Unsealed Terminals
  • 3306 MPCT  Crimp Tool for Metri-Pack, Micro-Pack & GT Sealed Terminals
  • Terminal Repair Instruction Manual makes it easy to match up terminals to tools.  It includes:
    • Terminal Manu. Number/Crimp Tool Number Matrix
    • Terminal Repair Procedures and Quality Checks
  • Includes a Tool Chest Storage Tray



Item # 3330 TRK