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  • A toggle action to assure complete connector sealing, thus eliminating the need for a complcated ratchet mechanism.
  • The tool incorporates high mechanical advantage to reduce compression force during connector installation. This ergonomic design minimizes user fatigue and promtoes high levels of productivity.
  • Cable positioners provide 360 Degree connector support during compressions such as tight nuts, bent connectors or popped o-rings.
  • Handle activation allows easy access when terminating in M.D.U. enclosure or dealing with a short stub-in.
  • The natural grasp of the tool allows the handle to open the actuation chamber for easy connector insertion.
  • All metal parts are high carbon steel heat treated for longevity of operation.
  • No exposed retaining rings to catch on objects causing the tool to dis-assemble.
  • Handlegrips are molded from Hytrel making the tool durable and highly visible.
  • Tools conservatively rated for 25,000 cycles on high load connectors and easily field re-furbished.
Item # 8820 US
Item Application Belden PPC/EX & PCT/TRS Series Compression connectors
Connector/Terminal Type EX59 AND EX6 , TRS 6
Cable/Crimp Type Coax CATV / Compression
Crimp/HEX/Wire Sizes RG6 & RG59
Product Length 8.5 inches
Product Weight 15 ounces