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4267CT - Coax Connector Crimp Tool RG59 & Belden 8281


  • Crimps the center pin to a .042 square or .068 hex, the RG59 ferrule to a .255 hex and the 8281 ferrule to a .324 hex.
  • A multi-purpose frame manufactured to exacting specifications to accept interchangeable dies
  • Molded grips and an easy reach frame to minimize user fatigue
  • Reamed bearing holes, centerless ground pivots and heat treated working components
  • Positive ratcheting assembly with emergency release
  • Conservatively rated tool life of 50,000 cycles
  • Crimps that meet or exceed U.L. tensile requirements
  • Interlocking die sets that are easily interchanged with mounting screws for most product applications<

Die Set Configuration:

The Super Ergo tools are designed to reduce hand stress.The progressive pivoting action coupled with easy reach cushion grips facilitates productivity. Mechanical advantage is optimized to reduce hand pressure while maintaining proper hand grasp ratios. Fine blanked, high carbon steel construction provides the highest level of accuracy and performance available in the industry.


4267 CT
Item #
Die Only
Item Application
BNC, TNC 3 piece
Connector/Terminal Type
Cable/Crimp Type
RG59, Belden 8281
Crimp/HEX/Wire Sizes
.042sq / .068 / .255 / .324
Product Length
10.5 inches / 26.7 cm
Product Weight
1 lb 8 oz. / .68 kgs

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