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6225CT - Battery Connector Crimp Tool for OEM Style "B" shaped Lead-Free Open Barrel Terminals

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  • Creates a "B" shaped crimp also known as an F-Crimp
  • Precision machined crimping cavities
  • No dies to move or switch
  • 19" tool length for maximum leverage and superior mechanical advantage
  • Ergonomic cushioned grips remain comfortable
  • Easy to adjust with 5/32" hex key - adjustment instructions are on the handle
  • Designed to exceed tensile strength requirements
  • Positive contact and excellent durability
  • OEM style B crimp - superior mechanical strength and electrical conductivity



6225 CT
Item #
Item Application
Battery lugs and terminals
Connector/Terminal Type
Lead-free, open barrel
Cable Type
Crimp Wire Sizes
Lugs: 2-6 AWG Conductor; 2-6 AWG Insulation; Terminals 4-6 & 1-2 AWG
Tool Length
19 inches/48 cm
Tool Weight
5 lbs/2.3 kgs.

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