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Clamp Cutter for removing Oetiker® Ear Clamps


The Hand Clamp Cutter will cut EAR CLAMPS up to the band width and thicknesses listed below: 

  • Automotive:
    • Stainless Steel Band: cut clamps up to 7.0 mm wide x 0.8 mm band thickness
    • Stainless Steel Band: cut clamps up to 9.0 mm wide x 0.6 mm band thickness
    • Steel Band: cut clamps up to 9.0 mm wide x 0.8 mm  band thickness
  • Plumbing
    • 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4" PEXGrip® and PEX Clamps


  • Oetiker®Clamp Cutters are designed to safely remove  Oetiker® Ear Clamps clamps that can be closed with Oetiker® HIP 2000 Series Hand Installation Pincers or similar power tools.   

They are designed to deliver many cutting cycles without  loss of performance, using the lowest practical cutting force. Constructed of solid metal for long tool life, with textured  grips for a more secure hold.

FOR CLAMP REMOVAL ONLY. Orange grips distinguish  Hand Clamp Cutters from Hand Installation Pincers. High mechanical advantage makes clamp removal easier and reduces the risk of strain injury.

Click here for Clamp Cutter instructions

9257 CT Hand Clamp Cutter
Item #
Sealing System
Oetiker Clamp
Tool Length
9 inches/22.9 centimeters
Tool Weight
1 lb./ 453 grams
Item #
9257 CCT

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